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Haaris Pasha polls ahead of five candidates at DFL 60b candidate forum

Pasha finished 2nd at DFL candidate forum in a pack of seven DFL candidates campaigning for House Seat 60b

Minneapolis - Haaris Pasha vaulted ahead a field of establishment candidates in a straw poll administered by the DFL following the House District 60b candidate forum. He led nonprofit directors Cordelia Pierson and Mohamud Noor, both of whom have mounted prior campaigns for political leadership.

At the forum, seven candidates came together to share campaign platforms with the community and respond to audience questions. On topics ranging from racial justice, affordable housing, healthcare and inclusivity, candidates engaged with audience members and provided competing visions for district 60b and the state. Pasha outlined an unapologetically progressive platform. At the close of the forum he contended that “whoever represents this district is going to need to be able to lead the charge of progressivism. They’re going to need the ability to bring coalitions and movements together to build a better future.”

Voting for seat 60b has begun and will continue until the Minnesota primary season concludes on August 14. More information on the Pasha campaign is available at

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July 17, 2018


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